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Tocorimé Pamatojari, Paraty

Tocorimé Pamatojari is a Brazilian tall ship.
Her name means "Adventurous Spirit" in the native tongue of the Kulina tribe of the Brazilian Amazon.
Tocorimé Pamatojari was built of wood in Santarém, Pará using local hand shipbuilding
The founders of the project were René Gerardus de Bruijn, Markus Lehmann, Kit & Markus Smit.
Crafted with the greatest care and attention to detail and utilizing only the most traditional of hand tools, Tocorimé Pamatojari boldly exhibits its solid Itaúba ribs and planking. The massive and dense 22-meter Ipé keel and keelson secure the vessel and the 30-meter Muiricatiara masts stand tall in the sky. Overall, there is a great diversity of tropical woods used in the construction because the Tocorimé was built on the beachside of the Tapajós River.
The Tocorimé contains 2 km of planking, 40,000 nails and screws, 40 tonnes of ballast, and 8 km of rope. After 6 years in construction, Tocorimé Pamatojari made her maiden voyage down the Amazon in March 2000.
Tocorimé Pamatojari is currently used as a school ship.
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